JM Cellars winery and tasting room is located on a hill called “Bramble Bump” in Woodinville, WA.  The seven acre property is a private arboretum built on a rich history.  Trails on Bramble Bump offer visitors the opportunity to explore while tasting wine and enjoying flora and fauna.


From 1900 to 1935 the Bramble Bump was part of a 550 acre dairy farm owned by northwest lumber baron, Frederick Stimson.  The farm was called the Hollywood Farm and it featured two large barns with a number of houses. In 1935 the Stimsons lost the farm in the great depression. Abandoned, the farm fell into disrepair.

In 1938 the farm was purchased by George McBride, who re-built the dairy farm, making it one of the largest dairies in the state of Washington. In 1965 George gave seven acres of land to his daughter Jan.  Jan and her husband Smitty Smith moved from upstate New York to build their home on Bramble Bump. Jan and Smitty were avid horticulturalists who planted 120 Japanese Maples and over 400 rare conifers.  Among these rare specimens are a Chilean Fire Tree, a huge Himalayan Zebra Pine, and what is now one of the largest Cherry trees in the United States.

John and Peggy Bigelow purchased the Bramble Bump in 2000.    Under the guidance of their gardener Mary, they have transitioned to organic gardening to protect this beautiful and unique treasure that Jan and Smitty created.

Bramble Bump