In 2006, Gary Figgins from Leonetti Cellars called to ask if we would be interested in purchasing a spot of land in the Walla Walla Valley that he and a group of distinguished Walla Walla vintners were developing. Taking only the amount of time required to find our car keys, we traveled across the state to Walla Walla. From the moment we arrived on the property rising 1,300 feet above the Walla Walla valley with the Blue Mountains to the east and a gorgeous sunset to the west, we knew this was the place ….

John and Peggy


Margaret’s Vineyard is a world class vineyard producing outstanding wines in a beautiful location in the Walla Walla appellation. The proportions of grapes planted here are intended to produce a blend unlike any found in North America. It is planted with the six grapes that were the original planted varieties of the Bordeaux region in France:

  • Three clones of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Two clones of Merlot
  • Two clones of Cabernet Franc
  • A single clone each of Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmenere.



In 2006, John and Peggy were presented with an exciting opportunity to purchase property in a beautiful location in the Walla Walla appellation located just above the renowned vineyard called Seven Hills.  Gary Figgins (Leonetti Cellars), Marty Clubb (L’Ecole Winery), and Norm McKibben (Pepper Bridge Winery) – long standing leaders who helped put Washington State wine on the map – had purchased 2,000 acres of property formerly owned by the Mormon Church.  Each partner was planting vineyards on the site and wanted a winery from the “west-side” to be involved.  John and Peggy were excited to be involved and chose a 40 acre parcel 1,300 feet high on the hill.  Margaret’s Vineyard was born!