En Plein Air returns to JM Cellars. July 2014

Once again, local artists have returned to Bramble Bump to paint ‘En Plein Air’, capturing the beauty of JM Cellars landscape.   This year we are pleased to host artists working in the medium of oils.  As with all plein air painting, artists work quickly roughing out their formats, attempting to capture the light as seen when work begins.  Within minutes, highlights and shadows may switch places offering up an entirely different inspiration! It is so amazing to see each and every work develop as a variety of views are captured and memorialized in time.   After painting on site, our artists continue working at their individual studios, finessing details that bring the entire work to life.   When the works have been finished and framed, we are anticipating a late August display in our Fireside Room.  We’ll keep you posted on the opening date.